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Laurie McQuary

Certified Hypnotherapist


Personal Past Life & Hypnotherapy

In addition to the field of metaphysics, Laurie has expanded her services to include hypnotherapy. This method will be enhancing the already established "Past Life Regressions" the office has presented for years. This is an opportunity to relive past lives in more detail;   and/or address issues that remain clouded today.  If you wish to share this experience with another person in the session,   please ask prior to. All sessions are taped and the gift of "psychic" recall is the focus to assist this regression in it's entirety.  In addition, following the appointment,  you may ask up to five questions pertaining to any information obtained during the session. (Expires thirty days from date of appointment) Both individual and group settings are available for regression.  In congruence,   hypnosis sessions may include, but are not limited to:

    Fears & Phobia Removals     Relationships         Unresolved Conflicts
Personal Areas          Past talents          Successes
   Cease Smoking                   Love                  Motivational Topics

According to the number of subjects chosen, sessions range from 45 minutes to 1 hour minimum (one past life) up to 2 hours in length. The cost is dependent upon the time allotment.

Please contact us at (503) 636-1832 for an appointment. The office is located at 15800 Boones Ferry Road, Suite C-205, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. (97035)

Hypnosis and Intuition (As a Blend)

I view each of these skills and highly controversial areas as the interweaving of one another. As we all know- a trance is an everyday (and sometimes minute by minute) occurrence. We are all intermittently intuitive at times as well, without (as in a trance) always being aware of the event. The most dramatic demonstration I know is the study of "Past Lives," utilizing both expertise. Long embraced by other cultures, Past Life exploration has been rapidly rising in interest here in the Western Hemisphere. As always, when an idea becomes trendy, one must be alert. Expectations, both as a hypnotist and especially as a psychic, can take on astronomical proportions. I personally direct people to the self-discovery process, blending both areas in an educational method that enriches their present life. Through hypnosis and my psychic ability, we are able together to piece what part from before, fits into today. Every healer (physical or emotional) is already using the intuitive procedure to balance the individual and their needs. What I see as valuable, is the ability on my part (or any other highly aware therapist) to instantly connect a Past Life event, traumatic or otherwise, with a Present Day person and\or a place. Subjects under hypnosis also demonstrate amazing ability to objectify the past and yet see the "Big Picture." They can see how the act-attitude or Past Life decision plays out personally. Such moments can be emotional, but well worth the energy on both the therapist's as well as the client's parts. Intuition also enables the therapist to empathize more fully, therefore be more closely aligned with appropriate questions when assisting the client towards discovery or closure.

After 26 years of intuitive counseling, I find hypnotherapy giving me additional tools of comprehension-psychically and spiritually strengthening my ongoing vision of doing all I can to facilitate healing and understanding, building a bridge of awareness, acceptance and accountability of everyone.

Laurie McQuary, September, 2000.



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