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Laurie's husband, Bob Lee, is employed as a police detective in Lake Oswego, Oregon. This is one of the larger suburbs of the Portland area. Bob, who was then a homicide detective, started working on a missing person case that very quickly turned into a murder investigation. In June of 1986 he met Laurie on this very complicated and time consuming case. They started dating several months later and married in December of 1987. The story of how they met has been the subject of several magazine articles and is documented in a book, "Hidden Files," by Sue Kovach. (Available through Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble.com)

Several years ago this story came to the attention of Triage Entertainment, the producers of the "Beyond Chance" television program hosted by Melissa Etheridge. Laurie and Bob were contacted and filming began at various locations in and near Lake Oswego, including the Lake Oswego Police Department and the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office.

The program first aired on the "Lifetime Channel" on August 13, 2000. The story has been replayed numerous times since then. Consult your local listings for time and channel in your area.


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Well, the story of Bob meeting Laurie was too good for the news media to pass up and once again the story was presented on national television, this time on Court TV's "Psychic Detective." The producer and film crew for the highly rated television program came to Oregon towards the end of October, 2003, and spent several days filming in the beautiful Lake Oswego area. Laurie and her secretary travelled back to Washington, D.C. in early February of 2004 to do some more filming for the production company, Story House Productions. This time, the story was more about the highly complex murder investigation and covered less of the romance that finally developed between Bob and Laurie.

The story was first aired on the Court TV channel production of "Psychic Detective" on April 14th, 2004. Look for the program in your area as it has been re-broadcast several times.The filming had some very humorous events that took place and will be described on this page in the coming weeks.

Bob and Laurie were also featured on "Larry King - Live" on the same April date and Laurie also appeared on the "Catherine Crier - Live" show the same day.

In September of 2004, a film crew from Nippon Television (Japan) came to Lake Oswego and filmed Laurie working a missing person case from Japan.

Nippon Television flew Bob and Laurie to Japan in late October and early November, 2004. Laurie spent ten days filming additional parts of the story in Tokyo and Okayama. We have been told the case will be aired in Japan in December. (2004)

Several months ago Laurie flew to the Los Angeles area for filming on the Court TV production of another "Psychic Detective" episode. Laurie played a role in the Linda Sobek murder case a few years back. Acting under Laurie's guidance, a friend of Linda's was able to locate a purse belonging to Linda in the Angeles National Forest, thus shifting the search for the woman into the mountains. A photographer was arrested and tried for the murder. He is serving a life sentence in a California prison.This episode was first broadcast on December 29, 2004, but has repeated several times already.

Court TV has asked Laurie to appear in an additional television show that will start filming shortly. On December 3rd she flew to Los Angeles to appear again on the "Larry King - Live" show.

The Discovery Channel\The Learning Channel came to Lake Oswego a couple months ago to film the homicide case where Bob first met Laurie. A film crew was in town for several days shooting in the local area. In September, 2005, Bob and Laurie flew to the company's studios in Suffolk, Virginia for additional filming on the story. This time, actors will portray several of the key participants in the case. The story has been somewhat fictionalized due to time constraints in putting this very long and complicated story on television.

A very interesting note: Bob has always been a very strong fan of the Star Trek series on television and has probably seen every episode of all the different series. The director for The Discovery Channel was Tim Russ. Tim has been an actor for 25 years but is best known for the role of "Tuvok" that he played for seven years in the Star Trek - Voyager series. Bob and Laurie were both impressed with the way he directs a scene. Tim has taken the years of experience he has as an actor and uses that to clearly communicate what he wants as a director. The program, yet untitled, is due to air nationally in December, 2005 or possibly January of 2006.

2006 has started to be a very busy year for Laurie and television. A Canadian film company, "Nextfilm Productions, Inc." came to Oregon to shoot primary scenes for an episode of "Psychic Investigators" that was first aired on Canadian television on April 20th, 2006.

In September of 1994 a man named James Phillip Brooks was murdered in Central Oregon near the town of Fossil. Laurie became involved in the original investigation after leads dried up for law enforcement. The case is still unsolved. Laurie recently went to Fossil for several days worth of filming for Court TV.


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