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Wanagi is our official "Office Dog." Many of my long-time clients will remember I used to have my Schnauzer, Ayela, at the office on most days. Ayela passed away at 18 years of age in mid 1999 and it took me several months to get over her passing as she was such a wonderful companion. Wanagi is a "pound puppy" and is part Boxer and part Schnauzer. He is over seven years old now and is forty pounds of pure love.  :

That day at the dog pound when I selected Wanagi my husband also selected a Beagle and Bassett mix we call Roscoe. We like to say they are identical twins but that would be stretching it a little bit as Roscoe is almost twice Wanagi's size and spends most of his days at home catching up on his sleep.

Wanagi is various shades of gray and has a face my husband says is very similar to that of a baby gorilla. Of course, we have not told Wanagi that because he doesn't know what a gorilla is supposed to look like. It is very hard to describe what a Boxer\ Schnauzer looks like so I hope the photographs give you a good idea of his sturdiness and size. Wanagi is such a lovable little dog I sometimes think he should be an AKC registered breed of some kind. A girlfriend and I came up with the idea of Wanagi being a "Lymon Baroche," or "Italian Boxer." We actually spent several hours at a party one evening coming up with a complete background for the breed. He is such a sturdy little container of love that he deserves to have a rich and varied ancestry. Wanagi comes to work with me most days and sits very patently in the outer office greeting anyone who comes into the office. In true Boxer fashion his lower jaw seems somewhat larger than his upper jaw so he shows several of his lower teeth most of the time. It can be fairly intimidating until you realize he is a very friendly dog. We call this "smile" his "Von Snarl."

The name "Wanagi' comes from Lakota Sioux for "soul" or "spirit."

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