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Laurie McQuary

Psychic Consultant

Can't make it in to the office?

Laurie offers several options for those of you that live out of the area, have busy workweeks, or otherwise have difficulty with making it into the Management by Intuition office here in Lake Oswego, Oregon:

Phone readings:  Over the years, Laurie has fine tuned her ability to harmonize and resonate with her clients, and feels confident that she can give an equally accurate reading either in person or via the telephone.  In fact, the pricing is the same as for an "in-office" session, clients' time with her is still tape recorded for their reference; The only difference is that we request payment in advance for phone sessions with Laurie.  Call the MBI office at (503) 636-1832 to schedule a time to speak with Laurie - just be sure to mention whether you're scheduling a time to come in to the office or to talk with Laurie over the phone.

Retainers:  It is now possible for clients to purchase Laurie's answers to their written questions.  For a $100 fee, Laurie will answer 10 questions.  You have up to 90 days from the receipt of your payment to ask your questions - you needn't send them in all at once.  We do require the questions to be in written form - emailed or "snail-mailed" - but we can get back to you in any way you'd like, generally on the same work day they are received, provided it is not too late in the day.  If you can't wait for an appointment or need answers right away, this is the option for you.  Clients are finding this method to be a very effective way to handle choices they must make immediately in business. 



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