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Race Day

Laurie on Race Day

Laurie has always wanted to go fast, very fast, in a car. Of course she wanted to do it under controlled conditions at a race track and she wanted to drive a car that looked like a race car and was really fast.

Last year for her birthday Bob arranged for her to take a high speed driving course that was offered at the Portland Speedway. The course included two hours of classroom work that included physiology of the racecar and the physics involved in making the car go fast and handle well. When the classroom work was over, Laurie and the other students in the class then donned racing coveralls and were able to drive sixty laps around the track in a souped up car that looked like a Winston Cup racer.

Needless to say, it took several days to wipe the smile off her face. Laurie is content now to drive her bright red Pontiac Grand Prix and just remember the day she blew the doors off other cars on the track.
Of course there is always an update. Laurie sold the bright red Grand Prix and is now into her second Jeep Liberty. Can you say "Four Wheeling" anyone?

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