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Laurie McQuary

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About seventeen years ago I started a quarterly newsletter that was very well received and encouraged by my clients.  In the newsletter I discussed metaphysics in general, past life regressions, hypnotherapy, some of the ways for a person to reduce their stress levels, how to increase their awareness of their own intuition and many other topics. This quarterly newsletter lasted for several years until my mailing list got to be over 5,000 persons and it became a very serious expense in the areas of printing and postage, not to mention that my secretary had to coordinate the entire process of creating the newsletter and sending it out.

With the creation of the Internet and having space available on my website I have decided to start up that newsletter again, or at least a modified version of it.  Education in any field is necessary in today's society. The field of metaphysics is very vast and covers quite a number of "disciplines" or belief systems. While I am not an expert in a lot of these areas I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge concerning some things you would like to talk about.

Each month I would like to take a topic, or even a collection of small topics and spend a bit of time discussing various aspects of the metaphysical field.

If you can think of a topic you would like discussed, drop me a line at my email address.

[email protected]

Books in the works:

After many years of inquisitive clients asking for a book, Laurie has finally complied with three of them that will be available within the next year.

#1     "The Little Book of the Soul"
"What Does Your Soul Do For a Living and How Does It Support You?"

A self-introspective study for individuals seeking their own spiritual levels of enlightenment.

#2         "Where Do You Take a Hungry Lion To Eat?"
The satirical and informative guide through astrological means to dining out according to an individual's sign.

#3          "SEER"
Cases of a psychic. Actual cases throughout the world Laurie has worked.
The inner eyes of a psychic's ability to assist in solving them.

These will be completed by summer of 2010. We are actively seeking the right publisher, so be on the alert for their appearance.




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