"Thank your for your gift to see the future, and your willingness to help us make better choices in the now"  Sandy Hogan, Amity, OR

"Laurie's amazing insight put us on the right path in investigating the circumstances surrounding our son's death, and I am glad to publicly thank her".  Ruth Pryor, Jefferson, OR

"Thank you Laurie for helping us in our time of need. The extra effort and time you put into helping us find Thomas is greatly appreciated." Ray & Marj Alverez, Vancouver, WA

"I was impressed by Laurie's prediction of work stoppage at United Airlines six months before it occurred. Even more amazing was her picking the time and duration of the strike". David Cronin, United Airlines Captain, Lake Tahoe, NV

"I have twice tried other psychics without the success and insight you have given me, and I am still skeptical. You are the only psychic that I trust and I will continue calling you." Jock Coombe, Los Angeles, CA

"Laurie understands the confidential nature of the law enforcement. Her willingness to donate her time and talent make working with her a pleasure. I would not hesitate to use her again on an investigation." Larry Pedersbeck, Detective, Yamhill County Sheriff's Office

June, 1998
You are amazing. I learned a lot from you and will take heed of the information you gave me. Everything you said was so true that it was almost scary. I've listened to my tape over and over again and will remember you told me the universe will take care of me, I just need to ask it's permission. Lynn Adams, Salem, OR

August, 1998
I've been coming to Laurie McQuary for the past twelve years and she has accurately predicted every single event in my life.
Jean Rupp, Lecturer & Author of "Grammar Gremlins" Beaverton, OR

February, 1999
As an engineer, writer and author I have been going to Laurie McQuary for over seven years and in that time frame the consistency of what Laurie's intuition to foresee certain events and insights to my life have been on target. I do rely on Laurie now to bring me closer to my own intuition and thoughts and I have the greatest regard for her.

Elizabeth Marietta, Albuquerque, NM

February, 1999
It was important to tell you how much I got out of our session. You helped confirm a great deal for me as well as a path that I've suspected for some time: I'm very grateful.

Emily Calkins, Portland, OR

April 5, 1999
Dear Laurie;
I am writing to thank you for changing my life. I have never felt more alive. I have embarked on a spiritual journey that now has direction thanks to your interpretation. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. It's as if my ship has been harbored for the last ten years waiting for the commission that would test her sea worthiness and that would take her to the New World. I can equate our first session to my walking on deck and looking up to see the wind stirring up the sails and the tell-tale gently flapping in the breeze. I can hear the crack of the canvas.. As captain, I have manned the helm as I've dreamed of doing for so long. Now with favorable winds and with your navigational skills I feel that this is the beginning of a wonderful voyage. ..One of discovery, personal growth and of sharing my soul with all those who cross my path. I am looking forward to reaching my destination, but I know that getting there will be half the fun. ...I'm off to become a healer and to be healed in the process. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. I will never forget you.

Steve Winslow, Portland, OR

April 20, 1999
Dear Laurie;
Thank you ever so much for referring Mary Reynolds. We were able to connect last Sunday and we are going to talk some more this Friday. This could be a dream come true. I wanted to write you and say thank you for such a wonderful reading. Your reading was "right on" and "things" are beginning to open up. Your manner, style and professionalism are exemplary. I'm so delighted to have met you and hope we can continue a mutual friendship. You're right.. Too bad I do not live in Portland.

In addition, I wanted to thank you, Megan. And, I might add that your efficiency is exemplary too! Very rarely do I come in contact with people of your caliber. Keep up the excellent work - it is duly noted and appreciated. All the best!

Claudette Runyan, Mexico

April 20, 1999
Dear Laurie,
You made such a wonderful, positive difference in my life. Thank you with all my heart!

Brenda Suteu, Portland, OR

May 20, 1999
Several years ago I had a reading with Laurie McQuary and I asked her if my son and his wife would ever have any children? I told her that they lost a baby ten years ago the first year they were married. My daughter-in-law proceeded over the next eight years to use fertility drugs and still no results. So when Laurie said she saw them with lots of children around them, the only way I could respond was with "well, they teach Sunday school." I thought, well maybe the fertility drugs would work and she would have multiple births. My son and daughter-in-law decided to become foster parents and went through the program and initially ended up with 6 children. The best part was that they were related to my daughter-in-law. All of the children are her second cousins. On May 3, 1999, the adoption of all 6 children took place. The ages are from 2 to 11. Four of the children are brother and sisters. And the two other girls are sisters. Laurie was right on...

Christi Opitz, Coburg, OR

I wanted to let you know how helpful your hypnosis was for my recent airplane trip. Going to Mexico the flight was very calm. I didn't know, however, that it would be calm until we were up in the air. But I had started the relaxation technique you taught me while we were taking off, just in case. As a consequence, I relaxed myself so much, I fell asleep for most of the flight. I've never been one of those people that could sleep on an airplane and I thought it was a wonderful way to pass the time. It was also great to arrive in Mexico so refreshed.
Marie Clare Mulholland, Palm Springs, CA

In the course of 10 years worth of annual visits I have noted a high degree of accuracy in your readings.
Mary Saylor, Portland, OR

As always, I really appreciate your amazing ability! Thank you for your insight into my life, it is always so helpful, exciting, thought provoking and interesting to talk with you!!!.
Diane Kraus, Portland, OR

You have a terrific reputation, and I am impressed with your ability to "see" things that others cannot.
Ronald G. Massey, Portland, OR

It was a very enlightening & helpful meeting that we had. I am sure that you recall that you were able to zero in on the problem that I sought help from you on at the very beginning of the session with no information obtained from me.
John Meader, Attorney, Portland, OR

Your session of March 14 helped me so much. I have been sending people to you and they are just as pleased. You are such a gift and I thank you with all my heart..... Nancy Wheeler

When I came to see you I was frightened by the word psychic and had avoided this journey for many years. I never wanted to know something that was not logical and precise and that could be explained. Your warm smile, incredible ability to know things about me personally, your humor, compassion and insight gave me hope. Thank you for giving to others.... Sandy Ammerman.

You're quite a healer. You project good. Your emanations, on my behalf, this morning were very strong and lasted along time. That helped a lot. I really appreciate you and your help.... Sidney Zimmet.

Laurie has been referenced in many written articles and books. Included amongst these works:

"The Messenger"

"Tales of Reincarnation"

"Hidden Files"

"Julien's Lives"


by Gary Harden

by Rosemary Guiley

by Susan Kovack
  (A fascinating story of how she met her homicide detective husband on a murder case)

by Jane Garrard




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