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Laurie McQuary

Psychic Consultant


Voted "Portland's Best" by Willamette Week

Management by Intuition
15800 Boones Ferry Road, Suite C-205
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Voice (503) 636-1832


What is a psychic?
A person with exceptional abilities to access information through extrasensory
perception, in other words, beyond the normal 5 senses. This person should be
able to give information that is only known only to the individual and contains
pertinent data. For a better understanding read, From Coma to Psychic Aid For
Business by U.S. Williams.

Laurie McQuary has been on the psychic scene since 1985. As owner of Management by Intuition (MBI), Laurie offers consultations on both personal and business levels. She has a busy schedule consisting of private consultations, television appearances, lectures, workshops, and working with law enforcement agencies internationally as well as in the United States. The cases range from missing persons to crime investigations. With her fascinating psychic talents and well trained speaking ability, targeted workshops are providing exciting insights on how individuals can develop their own psychic awareness and how this can be used as a business tool and personal life guideline.

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